by I Saw Daylight

  • Cassette + Digital Album

    1. Atychiphilia
    2. The Homecoming
    3. Empty Hands
    4. Morphine
    5. Black Clouds
    6. Mind Over Heart

    Release: 08 May 2013

    Tapes comes with wrapping paper and red seal.

    Limited to 50 Pieces.

    Recording, mixing and mastering by Daniel Konold at Werkall
    All songs written by I Saw Daylight
    All lyrics written by Eugen Troschin
    Artwork by Jessica Kinzer
    Layout by Jonas Kraus

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Recording, mixing and mastering by Daniel Konold at Werkall
All songs written by I Saw Daylight
All lyrics written by Eugen Troschin
Artwork by Jessica Kinzer
Layout by Jonas Kraus

I Saw Daylight are
Eugen Troschin - Vocals
Jessica Kinzer - Guitar
Kurt Halter - Guitar / Vocals
Benedikt Leible - Bass
Laura Erhardt - Drums

Record available at bigcartel


released May 8, 2013



all rights reserved


I Saw Daylight Ulm, Germany

I SAW DAYLIGHT sind fünf junge Menschen, die nicht nur einen Proberaum, sondern auch ihr Leben miteinander teilen. Seit 2011 spielen ISD jede Show, die ihnen möglich ist: sowohl auf europaweiten Touren als auch im JUZE um die Ecke. ISD stehen für pathetische Authentizität fernab jeder Manieriertheit, die von ihnen live wie auf Platte ungehemmt gelebt wird und allen Zuhörenden spürbar ist. ... more

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Track Name: Atychiphilia
The time has come to put an end to everything
that gave us protection, that kept us alive
that took our freedom, that fed us with lies
that has strengthened us to make us weak
that let us forget how to live
all that we have learned is being alone
without a heart, without a soul
we were born to fail, our life is leading oneway
without feelings, without mercy
we are hungry, we are thirsty
forced to smile the emptiness away
Track Name: The Homecoming
This confession is the only one that I will make
and it´s not easy to swallow.
without knowing if its right or wrong
I will bear the consequences
and if my conscience leaves me
my heart will lead me
I fold my hands
on my knees I´m begging you
I promise I´ll be better
I vow to kill my needs
but I´m still lying to myself
that I live like I´m supposed to
all those wrong decisions
all those mistakes will kill me
I´m surrounded by distance
my hands are tied
I need someone to show me the way
and take me home
this confession will be burned
to pave the way for the homecoming
This confession will be buried
to pave the way for the homecoming
I cannot stop lying to myself
all those wrong decisions
all those mistakes will kill me
and I´m standing here, waiting here alone
I´ve paved my way but life won´t let me go
I´m caught, I struggle, I try to escape
for a new beginning it s far too late
my whole world crumbles, I´m fighting a war
home is near but seems so far
Track Name: Empty Hands
Already years ago as I was young
I questioned everything I´ve done
the world sucked me dry
I was telling only lies
heaven put a curse on me
with poison on my tongue
I will bring war into the streets
and burn down everything
I live my life alone, now and forever
I live my life alone, insofar as I remember
we have nothing, never had and never will
no belongings, no regrets
we were born with empty hands
We have nothing, never had and never will
from the start until the end
we will die with empty hands
I´ve tried to keep my mind clean
but thoughts are chasing my head
I swallow poison, to lose control over myself
more and more I die inside
more and more I lose my mind
my mind is clean now
it won´t be chased by thoughts anymore
I swallowed too much
and lost control over my life
all the time I´ve spent to realize
that there´s no escape from our demise
nothing can save us from
ourselves and the things we´ve done
we are standing at the edge
with thousands in our back
but no one will save us from falling
they keep pushing
Track Name: Morphine
Our skin is cold, our eyes are senseless
we are the heartless, we´ve never learnt to love
separated, from the others
all alone, we will unfold
leave me you deceiver
there are no more senses that you could mislead
leave me you deceiver
you already took my whole life
there is nothing left to take
nothing gets through me anymore
it feels like I am under morphine
and the days have turned into years
every moment I am just pretending my sympathy
the only feeling I could truly say I feel is apathy
no words will hurt me now
no touch will reach me
no thought that bothers me
noone can break these walls around me
am I blind or do I live in darkness
I remember your last words, they make me be like this
I really became heartless, I feel nothing anymore
I give up
Track Name: Black Clouds
Oceans away I am drowning
I will hold my breath forever
or until my lungs collapse
hope can be found in hopeless situations
they said to me as I was lying on the ground
after the flood black clouds will turn white again
these black clouds above us
promising a new beginning
and the rain will wash away our traces
that we´ve left behind
slowly I am sinking to the ground
and my life is just passing by
infront of my eyes
I feel not dead but not alive
how could I have been so naive
to believe that words would build me up again
fear is losing its meaning
when nothing can hurt you at all
feelings are made for the weak
I´ve decided to be strong
the river below us
has become a sea
and with every raindrop
it´s becoming an ocean
these black clouds above us
have turned white now
the rain has washed away our traces
that we´d left behind
Track Name: Mind Over Heart
Everything is better than staying here
it feels like getting sick
and never been healed again
we have everything we need
and everything we wanted
seems to get closer
the further we´re going
take what you want
or leave everything behind
we´re leaving the harbour
with no ticket home
sometimes life is like
playing hide and seek
we´re finding land
on a stormy sea
sometimes we´re searching a lifetime
sailing on every ocean
climbing every mountain
and crawl through the desert
to realize that home
probably wasn´t as bad as believed
too much time has been wasted in searching
it feels bad
it feels better
heading for something
that our life won´t give us
will I feel better
or am I just getting old
why are we longing for something better
even if it´s everything allright
our ignorance is leading us
to the cure that doesn´t exist